GeFi Ecosystem

GeFi was established by gathering some of the leading DeFi protocols across the globe to enhance the collaboration of DeFi protocols across blockchains and borders.
GeFi (in short for Gemstone Finance) is derived from today’s technologically advanced society, in which mining techniques are always improving up to a point where occurs a crossover between traditional mining and modern mining (minting).
GeFi creates this crossover between traditional mining equipped with virtual mining (staking) for blockchain & crypto community to engage/access into the world of modern gems mining ecosystem.
GeFi is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem built on the Binance blockchain protocol (Binance Smart Chain, BSC).
GeFi’s protocol features a simple user interface built on top of a sophisticated engine that supports pooling with reduced impermanent loss.
GeFi introduces 2 tokens circulating in the entire ecosystem, GeGem (GEG) and GeStone (GES).