👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 GeFi Community Driven

Community contribution is all about creating ‘Social Sharing Communities’ within the GeFi ecosystem and managing the community based on your own governance.
Community Leaders can allocate a portion of airdrops from the GeFi ecosystem (GEG, GES, NFTs) as well as other tokens based on their discretion, in order to build the most active and rewarding community.
GeFi encourages these communities to have their own unique governance because one of GeFi’s missions is to integrate as many crypto-community, has-beens, or will-be into a decentralized automated rewarding blockchain ecosystem, through staking, farming, contributing, gaming, listing products, and several other ways.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

GEG and GES holders control the ecosystem and receive the majority of farm performance profits. In the future, GeFi will have a voting page where users can use GEG or GES to vote on decisions within the community. Thus the more GEG or GES that is staked by any participants, the higher the influence they have in the ecosystem. GeFi expects to issue a more concrete governance tokenomics ecosystem, perhaps by introducing a new, separate governance token.