Initial Stake Offering (ISO) Pool

Initial Stake Offering Pool

30% of GEG token allocation (28,500 GEG) will be distributed over a period of 365 days from the launch of ISO pool.
10 sGEG = 1 GEG
The GeFi finance vault will be introduced on 12 August 2021, ISO participants will need to stake sGEG into ISO pool manually. There will be no withdrawal once committed
  • Please note that sGEG cannot be traded or swapped, as it is only able to be staked in the ISO pool to earn GEG.
  • 1 sGEG = 0.1 GEG
  • The listing price of 1 GEG is estimated at US$80
  • 10 sGEG can stake a maximum of up to 1 GEG in 365 days according to ISO pool contracts
  • ISO participants can obtain their GEG token by clicking "HARVEST" whenever they are generated.
  • Do note that a gas fee will be applied for every transaction made.
  • Harvested GEG tokens can be swapped anytime in PancakeSwap or to be staked in vaults to earn more GEG as well as be used to participate in Liquidity Pools (LP).
  • Some of the LP that will be introduced are:
  • All sGEG, inclusive of those that are not staked, will be fully destructed upon the end of ISO pool period in 365 days.
a little sneak peek of ISO pool preview

STAKE sGEG into ISO POOL on 12 August 2021 !