Initial Stake Offering (ISO) Pool

Initial Stake Offering Pool

30% of GEG token allocation (28,500 GEG) will be distributed over a period of 365 days from the launch of ISO pool.
10 sGEG = 1 GEG
The GeFi finance vault will be introduced on 12 August 2021, ISO participants will need to stake sGEG into ISO pool manually. There will be no withdrawal once committed
    Please note that sGEG cannot be traded or swapped, as it is only able to be staked in the ISO pool to earn GEG.
    1 sGEG = 0.1 GEG
    The listing price of 1 GEG is estimated at US$80
    10 sGEG can stake a maximum of up to 1 GEG in 365 days according to ISO pool contracts
    ISO participants can obtain their GEG token by clicking "HARVEST" whenever they are generated.
    Do note that a gas fee will be applied for every transaction made.
    Harvested GEG tokens can be swapped anytime in PancakeSwap or to be staked in vaults to earn more GEG as well as be used to participate in Liquidity Pools (LP).
    Some of the LP that will be introduced are:
    All sGEG, inclusive of those that are not staked, will be fully destructed upon the end of ISO pool period in 365 days.
a little sneak peek of ISO pool preview

STAKE sGEG into ISO POOL on 12 August 2021 !

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