Public Sales

Initial Stake Offering (ISO)

GeFi - GEG Public Sales, also known as Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO or ISPO) model consists of financing a development project through the creation of a stake pool, establishing a very high variable margin, some even higher than 100%, through which developers collect all the rewards of block validation, and deliver in exchange tokens of the project to their delegators.
This novel model, was designed by the SundaeSwap team, in April 2021. Then, MELD took advantage of the design and since July of this year, started its funding campaign. It all started back from Cardano’s (ADA) consensus protocol. In the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, transactions are validated and included in blocks on the blockchain. The validators are nodes in the blockchain, in order to verify the transactions according to the consensus algorithm, by means of encryption.
As a result of community interaction, GeFi adopted this method with the vision to revolutionize the crypto Defi space, GeFi utilizes ISO in the Finance Vault, by introducing sGEG and several farms with automated compounding yields protocol.

Some of our highlights:

Funds raised globally, less barrier to entry

The ISO follows the open-based concept where everyone can participate by purchasing the entry token, sGEG, which plays as a medium to stake for the main token which is known as GeGem (GEG). Early adopters of sGEG who supported the kickstart of the GeFi ecosystem before the launch of the farms & pools will be rewarded with higher benefits. Common to staking in any other pool, the sGEG principal remains in participants’ wallets, respectively.

ShareHODLer, Exclusive Benefits & Privileges

Needless to mention, early adopters and community leaders (those who initiated $100,000 worth of sGEG) are entitled to become the shareHODLer of GeFi ecosystem and are eligible to enjoy a lucrative proportion of 40% from the vault’s performance fees, continuously, abiding by all the terms and conditions stated in our official web.
For more information regarding Community Leader pre-requisites, please contact us at < [email protected] >

Instant Trading

The GEG token will be listed at PancakeSwap. As a reward, delegators will receive rewards in GEG tokens proportionate to their sGEG contribution in the aforementioned ISO pool. Participants may access the GeFi yield farm by connecting their wallets when the farm is launched.

Partial Release of tokens (Control Deflation)

30% of GEG token allocation (28,500 GEG) will be distributed over a period of 365 days from the launch of ISO pool.
The GeFi finance vault will be introduced on 12 August 2021, ISO participants will need to stake sGEG into ISO pool manually.
ISO Phase 1 - Ended 8 July 2021 (UTC 1200) - 11 July 2021 (UTC 1159) Total sGEG = 57,000 sGEG Price = $ 4 Raised = $ 228,000
ISO Phase 2 - Ended 12 July 2021 (UTC 1200) - 22 July 2021 (UTC 1159) Total sGEG = 85,500 sGEG Price = $ 5 Raised = $ 427,500
ISO Phase 3 - End of Public Sales! 23 July 2021 (UTC 1200) - 6 August 2021 (UTC 1159) Total sGEG = 142,500 sGEG Price = $ 6 Raised = $ 855,000
All purchased sGEG will be allocated to all early adopters after the end of every phase respectively, which means, those who purchased during phase 3, will receive the sGEG after 6th August 2021, UTC 1159.

Usage of collected funds from sGEG Public Sales :

  • 70% of collected funds from sGEG will be allocated for liquidity on Pancakeswap.Finance
  • 30% of collected funds from sGEG will be dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable, rapid innovation, future incentives of cross-chain vaults, and other products in GeFi Ecosystem.