Fees Summary - BSC Vault

  • Withdrawal Fee From Vault: 0.3%
  • Vault Performance Fee: 30%


When you stake in the vaults, you will automatically receive GEG. This represents your share of funds in the Vault (also known as a liquidity pool) and is used to redeem your funds when you want to take them back out of the pool. Withdrawal Fee, an important role in order to prevent the outflow of funds that have entered the GeFi Vaults. The 0.3% withdrawal fee is designed to prevent the whale(s) from diluting the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on one hand, and the other function is to lock in more Assets Under Management (AUM). The higher the AUM, the more lucrative protocols the mechanism can automatically connect, thus ensuring high gains for participants.
APY is the real rate of return earned on a savings deposit or investment taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the words of crypto, APY is the yearly interest earned on your deposit/staking.

Vault Performance Fee

The GeFi Vault is characterized by recursive yield farming (with compound interests). A portion of 30% from the profit generated by all Vault’s AUM will be used to be distributed accordingly to the Affiliate Program, Community Driven, Development, Treasury, and Safety Net.
Vault Performance Fees (30%) Allocation:
  • Affiliate Program - 10%
  • Community Driven - 40%
  • Development - 10%
  • Treasury - 10%
  • Safe Net (Insurance Funds and Buyback) - 30%